Daddy Loves You

Daddy Loves You“Daddy Loves You” reaches into the heart and mind of every parent that has gone through struggles with growing children – particularly when the child has been separated from one parent for twelve years. Teenagers can have their issues, just like everyone else, but when influenced by a malicious parent, the pressure builds throughout the book. Working hard to attempt to build a bridge between a father and daughter who have been estranged for years can be tough when there seems to be only one person attempting to do the reconstruction.

Love, patience, and many lessons are experienced by the characters, as well as the readers who may be having similar issues within their own lives.

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I am not ashamed to say that I hated the ending — because it
literally made me cry. I am not going do a ‘spoiler’ but I so wish that there
had been a different ending. As the theme of the book is that ‘fathers DO love
their children,’ I understand the author’s reasoning for that particular and
certainly effective ending. The point was certainly driven home: ‘Fathers do
love their children!’

R.P. BenDedek

Magic City International News Column (U.S.A)

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